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14th-Apr-2010 08:52 am(no subject)
I want a perfect body, I want a perfect soul
I want you to notice... when I'm not around

You're so very special... I wish I was special
14th-Sep-2009 08:12 am(no subject)

ExerciseMilestone     The webs free Food Journal     The webs free Food Journal

Day 2.


Total Loss 4/68.6 | 4/38.6
12th-Feb-2009 05:55 pm - For the record...
I worked my ass off all those years ago to lose weight, and I did it really quickly.

Now it's all fucked. I look like crap, and I don't have the time or energy to feel like I can do it all again.

I want to wake up tomorrow and be 135lbs again.

I want the excess post-pregnancy skin to have magically shrunk away.

I want my muscle tone back.

I promise I'll stay on the right path, heartbreak or not, to maintain it this time. Even if I get pregnant again, I'll eat right and exercise and will never eat another bite of pasta again.
7th-Sep-2008 02:00 pm - PS hi.

16th-Feb-2008 09:54 am - Oh hi!
See, I smile.

I'm sure you'd like it a lot - so here's something I discovered at

Googling - I found

This is a very interesting project. It's a JavaScript library that brings IE7 compatibility to IE5-6.

And, the best thing is that it works. We no longer need to not use CSS2 + CSS3 + PNGs for the sake of the 30% of people still browsing with IE6.

Woo wooo.

I will be installing it on my site for the png support shortly. The HTC fix doesn't work in Ruby on Rails - so this is a huge help.
5th-Jan-2008 09:12 pm - New Site!!
Hi guys, please check out when you get a chance, I've put up a new design and a new site application in Ruby on Rails. Pretty snazzy because it's a MySQL Database Driven site, with a CMS that I built. Prettttty cool!
Problem: Your layout has a div within the main content, let's say a sidebar. You would like this to be the same height as the main content, even though there is less content, however, you do not want to set a height to either the main content or the sidebar. Let's say you have a border separating the two, or a lovely off-set background image in your sidebar. There is a way!

Here's your markup:

Let's say you want your sidebar on the right and your main content on the right.
Here's your CSS.

I've found a few other uses for this method, as well, but this seems to be the most wide-spread. Feel free to comment with other uses!

This DOES also work with horizontal content. Just use left/right instead of top/bottom. You can also use all four to fill the space entirely.

By the way, I drew a new penguin, so you guys should go check it out!!

And check the site!
13th-Nov-2007 12:05 am - Join the Walk!!

Design your gal and join the virtual walk!

Find out more on my blog:

Also, I have a few more layouts I will be adding at freelayouts, at some point.
11th-Nov-2007 10:28 pm - busy, busy
Vote for my blog The Diary of Superwoman on Mom Blog Network

Check out the site, when you get a chance!

I am seriously looking for a PHP or Ruby Developer to partner with, so if you are interested in starting a design/development business that already has a great site design and idea, get in touch with me.


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